Monday, August 13, 2007

Today, i went to the dentist.. Actually
wanted to do some filings coz i found
some holes in my teeth.. and everytime
food went it and come out of that hole.
it stinked like something rotten. I figured
something was wrong..

So today, i went to the dentist on appointment..

Doctor: So ur here for filing?
please help me check if my teeth are perfect?

=== Just to let you know, when i was young, i hated
brushing my teeth, i am not sure why..

And everytime, i drank water from a bottle,
the whole bottle would be filled with plague
from my mouth..

=== Back to the dentist and me..

He looked at my teeth and said..

It looks like you four teeth needs filing and
these two the only option is plucking it out..

ME: Plucking it out.. Do you have fake teeth
to replace there?

Him: You have far more teeth to eat.. don't


But let me drill your teeth to make sure if
you can fill them..

And he started to drill through.. I COULD HEAR..
THE DRILL.. and the teeth broken.. and liquid coming
out.. And it stinked.. haha..

He smelled it.. too ..

And he said.. NO HOPE.. IT STINKS..
The only thing is plucking it out..

And so one more needs operation to take it out..
So now..

One of my teeth is out.. A hole there..
Lucky is not in the front of else.. when i smile..

After this i learn a lesson, brush the teeth.. like
i never brush beforee.. brush brrush..

=======----------Actually i wanted to keep
my teeth as souvenier.. coz it cost alot to remove..
And i do not have a proper storage for it..


AnwWAY.. I AM a proud owner of one missing teeth..YEA..

The part where it has come off
has already fully recovered.. mwhahahaha..


Anonymous Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

whoa tooth ferrie ah? wisdom tooth? bunny tooth? kakaka... don't brush like a horse teeth okay. cos ur not horse. hahaha...

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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