Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Cause will created the effect"

Do you believe that?

Before you read this blog, click on the video i've attached.

This is a very very special post.
It lets u imagine.

"When you read a paper of a story inside,
if you have not imagined, this piece
of paper will forever be ink and paper. "
- Abhinyana

With the song played, and the words
i will say, you will imagine..

I will let u appreciate life..


Imagine, your in a desert now..

You have no clothes,
you have no water,
You have nothing...

How would your life be?

Do you appreciate life now?

Do you know why i've said a cause is the effect in life?
I've been questioning my self lately..

Anything you do, is a seed,
A seed that is planted.

If you planted the right seeds,

You have what you wanted..

And if it's not what you wanted,
you have planted it too.
From today onwards, plant the right seeds.

If you want happiness, don't make others sad,
if you want prosperity, make others prosper,
if you want health, teach others...

=====---- Time for some fun..

Anyways, tell u this joke..

There is this slimming center, where there is a really
smart slimming consultant.

A fat guy came in, and the slimming consultant
at the first glance knew he was a very HORNY,
he drools whenever he sees the babes..

So he enters this football field..
At the far end, of the football field is the hot chick...

The beauty consultant told this fat guy that
if he could catch her, she would be his..

So he got so excited and chased after her for ages..
THree months later, he slimmed down..

Then he was at Coffee Bean with his fat friend,
who isn't horny like him,

His friend: So what happened to you? you become
so thin..

Him: Oh, coz this beauty consultant cheat my money,
told me if i could chase the gal is mine. I think you
should go for a try. since you don't like gals.

So his friend really went to join this slimming.
And the beauty consultant gurantee he will slim down.

He then went to this football field.
He keep on waiting for this pretty girl to show up,
but she never show up. Instead this very tall big
guy came.

So they went to the toilet together. And as
the big tall guy was standing there, his one
was so big.

So the beauty consultant said to him,



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