Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why poops have shapes...

Last week Jo made this comment on one of the blogs..

Jo: U only explain the poo poo sign..what about the rest out of shapes ah..
I was thinking, and decided to give the explaination..
First, this is the intestine..

The poop is passing through it..

There might be some corn..

There are two types of situation that can be seen.

LET'S HAVE JOHN.. he eat's lots of fibers, lots of water, excercise often.
Then Nature calls, John needs to go to the toilet..

On coming out, since somewhere near the rectum is bit like a s shapeso the typical poop comes out s shape.

The poop shape depend on how an individual designs it..

HOW ABOUT another guy JONNY..
He loves meat, he never eats any veges and drinks soda all the time.

And so the poop does not come out, rot.. and stuck inside like a stuck pipethat no one can get into..

And so the marbles are born..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lu yee... this entry.. is kinda... disgusting.. and mom is asking me to take my lunch at the same time while im reading... geli ehh~

- Jestina <3

11:29 AM  

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