Sunday, June 11, 2006

Got Problems...???


Have you ever have friends that are always late, Always, late.. and they are always late..
I got one way you can solve this problem and you too can have punctual friends...

What you need?
Alarm clock, makes sure is your friends..
A chance to grab your friends watch..

The setup: Tommorrow, there is a meeting, at lets say 8 am , but your friend always comes at 9. One day before the day, go visit, and then...

The actual time : 10. 40 pm..

While your friend is in the toilet..
Something happened..

The Faktual time: Wait.. Faktual time.. Let me explain, Fake + Actual..
Your friend thinks it's actual but you know it's fake...

And the time is 11.00 PM, and on yours is 10. 40 pm..

Your friend comes back..
And be sure not to tell him, your hand was itchy..

By tommorrow, your friend will be 20 minutes earlier..
Unless your friend found that out..

Waller Pickers Eh..

Hmm.. You wanna make a thief's day bad, I've got one for you..
Buy a wallet that's cheap from the Night Market.. And then write a note in it..

If you wanna show your a computer expert who knows how to punk thiefs, use a note pad and type this...

Hmm.. Maybe you ask.. What if the one who picks your wallet dont know English, But one is is sure.. HE READS ONE THING: He's been pranked.. You can also use A piece of paper to write it..

The best situation to do this: Walk at a mega mall, and purposely drop your wallet..


Go to a local store near you and buy a fake real life looking lizard, or snake, or trantula..

Something that looks like that..

Place it at your lecturer's table.. And later when she see's it.. Go and get that lizard.. No one will go near a lizard that looks like that..

And pretend to get bitten.. haha.. This will make you a hero of the day..

Or if you wanna blackmail your cocky, showoff, always proud friend..

This is what you need..
A fake cockroach...
A place you've set up friends to get the camera rolling.. Either by phone, or hidden camera..

Then ask this friend out on a tea date.. And then later..

RECORD THE LOOK.. Your friend will never be the same again..


Blogger Pink Greenby said...

Hmph... Wonder if it'll work for ppl like yourself!!

8:24 PM  

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