Monday, June 12, 2006

The secrets behind this cd..

A few days ago, i borrowed my friends cd. The titles are 2, Micilaneous and Games.

This is the cd. Games.

This CD is not normal.
WHen i opened and checked what was inside.
There was nothing.

Oh actually, it was hidden. No wonder..

P***. Guess la.. haha.. Why would the contents be hidden..

But then when i looked at the cd carefully, there was..


The ones I've circled are the only two visible stains that can be seen. There are actually lots more stains. After playing the cd, later i popped it out, quickly washed my hands.

I think it was POP CORN.

I will never touch these cd again. Don't know where it's been. Why are there stains that look like germ CRIBS. haha..

Definition of a crib: A place to stay.

CAN STD pass on through C D? It's better not to take such risk. hahaha.. It got me thinking.


Anonymous quaker said...

hahhaha made me wonder if... hahaa... my friends gave me anything with yucky stuff on it!

12:17 AM  

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