Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A story about a mother in law, a son in law and a daughter in law..

Mother in law who came to visit her son in law from another place..

Mother in law: What's that and why did you buy it?
Son in law: Thats a new computer...

Mother in law:Computer, what's that..

Son in law:It can do many things, watch movie, calculate, listen to music, take digital photos..

Mother in law interupted: We can watch movie with tv, calculate using calculator, listen to music on the radio.. Just take photo with an the camera i gave both of you la..

Mother in law went to the kitchen..: wow!! Tomato cost $59.90 in your country... and after calculating foreign exhange.. it is $100 dollars la.. And how bout the gas... 19.90.. change to my country money.. is $40 la.. Tell my daughter later, don't put too much tomato sauce.. very expensive..

Son in law: it the price is 5.90..


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