Saturday, June 24, 2006

How to be a horror movie hero..

This entry is for you if..

1. you want to show off that you are not
even afraid of horror movies
2. If you fantaize about being hug.. *Ah the hug*

Have you been in the cinema, watching
a movie, then scream.. so loud..
Have you been in the cinema, where
aftter you watch watchhh... SCARY MOVIE..
and you feel like there is a hand in
the popcorn and the pop corn fall ..

Not to worry.. Me is here..

0= Tip: Watch a horror movie onces.. why? =0
So that the next time you watch it, you won't feel afraid..
becoz you know what comes out next..

0= Tip 2: When there a blood scenes..
Think of it as tomato..
= 0

0= Tip 3: When the bad guy chases the
victim, why is it the director is still there
filming, isn't it, he needs to be runnin..?
= 0

0= Tip 4: The monster is just in the brain,

With these tips, you can come out a hero in
any horror movie...

If else fails, it's better not to watch
horror movies.. hehehe..


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