Friday, November 09, 2007

on today's post. Jus thought to share
with you all, some of the most annoying videos
i found on you tube. BEAR WITH ME ALRITE.
i know that u can't even stand watching 15 seconds
of each of the clips i am bout to show u.


You will never be the same again..

So did you find these clips to be so annoying.
Now you know your younger bro isn't annoying at all.

AND in this blog, i would like to say,

SADLY, MY PENDRIVE. which has followed
me through thick of times,
though pain and glory,
through assignments after assignments,
through so much abuse,
through so much plug in out,
in out.. "

Has now, left to heaven.

Coz of careless ness.. and it went to wash with
my clothes, until it become rosak.

but hope is there, jus buy a new pendrive.



Blogger ✖ Sin Yee ✖ said...

sir, so laoya one ur pendrive. mine after wash in washing machine still can use. Hehehe..

8:22 AM  
Blogger F a n t a s i a said...

huuu.. i tot wat.. buy new 1 lo.. hehe... ^^

6:30 PM  

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