Sunday, June 11, 2006

Things i owe my friends...

It's been 4 sems and one Summer course that I've been in Uni..

I looked at it and just realised i owe my friends stuff..

I think i owe 2 books, and 15 cds..
Oh.. the one on the top with a man wearing
a red shirt, that is MINE..

This Cd, I wanted to burn for one of my Lecturers a game, but procastinated until now.. haha..

And this DVD, My friend borrowed it from his friend.. No wonder we know now why is it that sometimes, we receive our money so slow. Our friends borrow to their friend who hasn't given him back yet..

And so I thought of an IDEA that copied from a sit com "MY NAME IS EARL", He creates a list of all the bad things he has done and wants to repay them back..

I too will now create a list, except by typing them using my notepad in my pc..

And each time, when i finish doing something on that list.. I will stirke it out.. haha..
This way, i won't ever procastinate already.. Or is it i will procastinate to even read this list..


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