Monday, July 03, 2006

We boys..

We boys..

Girl's r boy's best pals..

Boy talking to a girl he knows already quite long time who has a cute girl friend: Let's talk about something...

Girl thought: He usually doesn't like to talk bout anythin, now suddenly come to talk.. what is he up to..
I bet it's becoz my friends cute..

Boy: Anything la..

Girl: I know la.. you wanna know my friend la.. I won't tell you la.. u find out your self..
Always take advantge of me.. I remember the last time, when i introduced you my girl friend,
you scare her away le..

Boy: Now different la.. I think i change liao.. But still i think the girl you intro me..
was deperate for me.. la..

Girl: DESPERATE, BLEHZ.. LOOK AT YOUR self in the mirror.. HAMSAP (CHeeky) looking face..
Any girl who talk with you also scared la..

Boy: This time, i promise to only call her twice a day.. la.. SO HARD to control..

Girl: That's why la.. You should only call once ba..


Boy's 1st best pal is his gf.. then only followed by his pet.. DOG..

Boy to gf: OO... your cooking so fantastic..
Boy's mind: hhahaha.. I am gonna save money again..

Gf: Is it.. ?
Boy to gf: Ya lo... so nice.. i waanna eat again..

GF: oh then i cook more la..

boy to gf: yes... my gf.. is my best pal..


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