Monday, July 03, 2006

Men's toilet...

What men do in toilet..

This is the typical design of men's toilet.. As you can see there is
usually a IMainary red target in the middle..

This is the pee pee area of all men..

We men, Also race.. Example,

Boy 1: I know i pee longer..
Boy 2: No, I pee longer..
Boy 1: Wanna bet... ???
Boy 2: Ya let's bet..

Men don't really talk much in the toilet except look at each other..
thinking who has a longer..


Ya la.. longer smalller brother ba..

The girl: OOO~ so short..

Sometimes, it is strange.. that at the pee pee area..
Can find tissue paper..

But the question is.. how come can find tissue paper.. ?
Men no need no tissue paper...

Anyways.. when we finish pee pee.. wwe usually
shake shake shake..

Then at last.. come out..

The average men go to toilet: around 1 minute..
Go in, pee pee.. at the red target area..
come out..


Blogger BaBy JeE said...

ko ko... sometimes men don pee in at the right spot... the pee until the floor... hahaha... that time i went to tution, almost step on the pee which was on the floor!! hai~ lucky that day not so soi!

11:36 PM  

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